Personal Safety

Personal Safety

1. Students should present their ID cards or union cards to enter the campus. Students have to register in person to security officials if they fail to present their proper ID cards. Outsiders are not allowed to enter campus without approval.

2. Students are not allowed to leave campus without showing their Homeroom Teacher’s signed leaving note. Boarding students cannot leave campus during the required time frame (15:50-17:00, evening study time and night time) without valid leaving notes.

3. Students should attend to their own safety. Students should not perform dangerous acts, nor should they make inappropriate or dangerous pranks or jokes.

1) Students are not permitted to run in the corridor or on the stairs, or play around the lake, or make potentially dangerous actions.

2) Students are not permitted to possess, handle or transmit any object that is considered a weapon or potentially dangerous object/material in the school setting (such as chemicals, toy guns, laser pens, firecrackers, knives, etc.)

3) Students should properly take care of their personal belongings. The school suggests that students don’t bring too much currency to school. If it is not for class purposes, then students should not bring valuables (i.e. iPod, laptop, and camera) to school.

4) The school does not encourage that students ride bicycles to school. If it is absolutely necessary for a student to ride a bicycle to school, the student’s parents should submit a written application in advance, stating the reasons and guaranteeing the safety of the student. Students should park bicycles, electric bicycles, etc. in the appointed areas immediately after arriving at the school. All bicycles should be locked. Those students may ride on the main road of the school’s campus at times of coming to school and going back home. Students shall not ride in other areas of campus. Students are not allowed to use other transportation such as scooters, skateboards, cars, etc. that may compromise personal safety or influence the normal order on campus.

5) Students should be aware of their own safety. Any security facilities, fire equipment, or other utilities fixtures are not allowed to be operated without instruction. Such equipments can only be used in case of an emergency. All experimental materials and equipment should be operated under instruction and supervision.

4. The School does not advise students to dine off campus. Students should be aware of food safety while eating away from the school.

5. Students from other schools and campuses that attend a SHSID activity or are visiting must apply to the SHSID Director’s Office and are allowed to enter campus only on approval.

6. Violence is strictly prohibited. Students using violence may face expulsion from SHSID.

7. Students must follow the Teacher’s instruction while using all musical instruments, art materials, etc.

8. For physical exercise, students must wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Students should conduct warm up exercises and participate in class exercises and activities. Students should exercise in the allowed area. Students are not allowed to conduct any activities not related to class. Students are not allowed to leave the area without the subject teachers’ consent.

Students should pay attention to safety issues and learn to protect themselves, respect others and avoid injuries.

  1. Students should inform the teacher if sickness or injury occurs.