Counseling and Psychological Services

Introduction to the Mental Health Service Center of SHS

The Mental Health Service Center of Shanghai High School was founded in 2005 to provide psychological consultations to students and teachers at Shanghai High School. The center is located on the second floor of the general administration building and has a counseling room (20m2), an activity room (40m2), an office (20m2) and a stress relief room (20m2) attached to it. Classrooms for Psychology courses are in different teaching buildings around campus.

The center has various apparatuses to facilitate the counseling and treatment. We have a SPIRIT biological feedback system to help students address certain psychological issues, and recently, we have bought more apparatuses to serve the students; for example: a cognition training machine, an intelligent tachistoscope, an intelligent rod-and-frame test apparatus, an intelligent cognitive apparatus to help evaluate and train students’ cognition, focus, memory and reasoning, a feedback training apparatus (EP-YF03) for physical and mental relaxation to help students relieve their stress and a feedback apparatus (H-Sport) to direct the feedback training and relax training of a trainee. We also use sand tray therapy to help students exercise their minds to achieve self-healing.

The functions of different sections of the center are as follows:

Counseling room is the place where the counselors have in-depth communications with the

visitors, while helping them solve psychological problems and provide scientific consultation and

tutoring. We also help students suffering from stress and anxiety caused by exams.

Activity room is the place where we hold training sessions, group counseling, lectures, and salons

for sharing, and is also the place where we conduct regional research and project research. The

office is the place where teachers work and also serves as the archive to store files. Students can

take psychological tests there.

Stress relief room is the place where students learn and discuss Psychology. It’s a safe and

controlled environment where students are assisted in ridding frustrations through working out

and the restoration of a balanced state of mind. Students also have the opportunity to seek mentalhealth through sand tray therapy and professional consultation.

We have one full-time Psychology teacher and four part-time teachers, all of whom are certified psychological counselors and have a rich experience in offering consultation, working in the center. The consultation room is open to teachers and students at Shanghai High School from 16:00-19:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday afternoon, 12 hours in total a week. We receive about 40 visitors throughout the semester and continue to expand by spreading psychological knowledge through the school website and reaching out to students on a one-to-one basis. The consultation covers a range of topics including adaptation to new journeys in life, problems in school and with studying and issues with relationships—both at school and home.

Telephone: 64552141

We serve with a warm heart.