The full name of this association is the “Shanghai High School International Division Parent Teacher Student Association,” abbreviated as “SHSID PTSA.” SHSID PTSA is a voluntary association dedicated to strengthening connections and facilitating communication between parents and the school. SHSID gives full support to the Association’s effort to contribute to social activities, sports events, art exhibitions, academic lectures and so on so that every SHSID student may reach the pinnacle of their potential.

The SHSID PTSA will be dedicated to maintaining the good reputation of SHSID, building closer ties between parents and the School, and playing a positive role in the development of all aspects of school life.

1.Nurture the spirit of teamwork, perseverance and respect for others by supervising and organizing student activities, sports events, art exhibitions and academic lectures.

2.Help convey the school’s educational requirements to parents.

3.Report the PTSA’s work to the School in a timely manner.

4.Hold one or two PTSA meetings each semester.

The SHSID PTSA is a voluntary organization and is expected to take the initiative to serve the students and the School, willing to make contributions whenever needed.

 SHSID PTSA Constitution.pdf