Science & Technology Innovation Contest

Brief Introduction

• Passion inspires Creation; Interest stimulates Exploration.

• Knowledge is a base for Wisdom, but having knowledge does not mean having Wisdom. It is more important to cultivate creativity and imagination than to have knowledge.

• Although you do not have to be a scientist, you need to possess essential scientific awareness.

Brief Introduction to China Adolescence Science &Technology Innovation Contest

The China Adolescence Science &Technology Innovation Contest includes two series.

The contest series awards the students’ innovative works, which include creations and research papers derived from technological explorations and experimental study processes.

The Exhibition series includes the presentation of students’ outstanding practical scientific group activities and a gallery of children’s drawing of their scientific fantasies.



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Our school’s application information will be provided to each student by homeroom teachers, so please stay aware.

The China Adolescence Science &Technology Innovation Contest is looking for your intellect, creativity and innovations.