AP Courses

AP courses

AP (Advanced Placement) is a high school program set by the American College Board (Collegeboard) for students who have extra learning abilities to study certain college courses in advance. The AP courses, therefore, are recognized by most of the universities in the United States. It serves as an important reference for admission to universities and access to the appropriate course credit.

SHSID has been providing students with AP courses and exams since 2008. At present a total of 21 courses are offered, including literature and language, mathematics, sciences, humanities, art, computers, and so on. Thanks to its pre-university teaching programs and management expertise, SHSID has provided students with quality AP teaching from the very beginning of this program. The average for recent years has been between 4.46 and 4.61 (out of 5), which is well above the world average.

The AP program is open to Grade 10-12 students. Students who qualify for the program may apply in Grade 9 and 10. Currently, most of our high school students are taking the pre-university programs (IB or AP). In the AP program, there are no such subject constraints as in the IB program, so students may choose courses according to their own honors courses and their interests.