IB Visual Arts Gallery

IB Visual Art Gallery

Shanghai High School International Division understands the need for students to visually express their understanding of their environment. Through the rigorous curriculum of the IB Visual Arts program, students are taught how to investigate their ideas and apply that knowledge to the creation of their artwork. Research into various art movements and cultures allows students to find the means to express their understanding of the world around them. In an ever shrinking world the understanding and tolerance of various cultures is key to becoming a prominent and productive member of society.

Students in the grade 10 Pre-IB VA course study the basic Elements of Art and the Principles of Design during the first semester, and they are introduced to art movements throughout art history during the second semester. In grade 11 students explore the tools used to express themselves. From simple pencil sketches to more complex mixed media pieces, students are expected to find their strengths and weaknesses. By grade 12 students have a foundation in skills, understanding, and purpose to explore their individual means of expression.

The following artwork is only a sample of the many talents the students at SHSID possess. These images illustrate abilities ranging from traditional paper-cutting and pencil sketching to the more contemporary qualities of graphic design and everything in between.

Yi-Hsuan Chen Shiho Fukui

Grace Ma Grace Ma

Alex Yen Kate Wang Kate Wang

Meng Zhen Tu Shih Ching