Music and Fine Arts

Music and Fine Arts


Teaching Objectives:

  • Enrich body and mind, experience the charm of music.

  • Develop musical aesthetics among students, and enhance their ability of appreciation.

  • Instruct musical knowledge and skills, stimulate artistic expression and creation.

  • Foster interdisciplinary and multicultural education environment, cultivate different ways of thinking, inspire students’ interest in musical quality and musical spirit.

Course Categories:

  • Vocal Lessons

  • Instrumental Lessons

  • Appreciation

  • Dance

  • Music Production

  • General Performance Lessons

Advanced Pedagogy:

  • Combination of both classical and popular music

  • Switching roles between teacher and students

  • Band collaboration using the iPad

  • Combination of both audible and visual elements

  • Rearranging and creating

How to meet the requirements of students in the classroom:

  • Design of various teaching modes

  • Use teaching objectives that match the students' age group.

  • Have content that is consistent with the trend of music at the moment.

  • Respect students' questions and answers.

  • Design various difficulty levels according to students’ different musical backgrounds.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department in SHSID now has more than 11 full-time Chinese and foreign teachers - a group with versatile talents and specialties in drawing and teaching. With a variety of teaching content, their continuously improved academic standard keeps adding to the educational assets of the Fine Arts Department. Small-sized classes and multi-leveled teaching methodology also contribute to the art education of SHSID. There are two independent art centers, covering 1500 square meters, to accommodate all the fine art classes, including sketch drawing, oil painting, pottery, watercolors, computer art, Chinese painting, prints, cartoons, and so on. In the past years, the art education of SHSID has acquired a number of educational achievements: in May 2009 a large exhibition was organized in the Liuhaisu Art Museum, displaying artwork made by SHSID students and teachers; many themed exhibitions on campus were held; albums for teachers and students' artworks were published; and several art seminars and lectures were organized. Students can also conduct research under teachers' guidance, and post their papers and observations on the school website.