Primary and Junior School Chinese.

Primary & Junior School Chinese

Ⅰ. Subject Characteristics

Grade 1-8 Chinese includes two types of courses: One is the native Chinese course. The other is the non-native course.

The Native Chinesecourses use the textbook” YuWen” by People's Education Publishing House for 1-4 graders. From the 5th grade, two levels are set: Honored level and Standard level. The same text books which are edited by our school are used for 2 levels.

Non-native Chinesecourses are divided into 7 levels in accordance with the different grades and language levels: Introductory , Beginner, pre-Intermediate, Intermediate I, Intermediate II Advanced I, Advanced II. The Primary School uses "Standard Chinese", and the junior school uses "Boya Chinese” as the main textbook.


. Pedagogical Goals

Native Chinese:Through textbook learning and discussion, to stimulate students' interest in learning Chinese, and gradually develop students' reading habits of the Chinese language to allow them to master basic skills of literary appreciation and enhance their self-expression and writing abilities. The specific aims are as follows:

1. To master a certain amount of words and accurately, fluently read text;

2. Summarize the general notion of the text while reading;

3. Understand associated writing techniques;

4. Learn to read and write personal narrative, persuasive and other genres of essay;

5 Master metaphors, personification, hyperbole, parallelism and other rhetorical methods;

6. Master the basic content words, function word usage and meaning of ancient Chinese.

Non-native Chinese:To stimulate student interest in Chinese through classroom activities, we focus on the learning of pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and language knowledge, focus on language application skills (written / spoken), and strive to make the students have a solid language foundation; to promote Chinese language learning through the understanding of China's cultural traditions and social customs. The specific aims are as follows:

Introductory: Grasp basic knowledge and vocabulary of the Chinese language, be able to communicate on a basic level, understand the Chinese culture and foster an interest in learning Chinese. (HSK 1 grade)

Beginner: Reinforce the language foundation, expand vocabulary, enhance communication skills, deepen the understanding of Chinese culture, and write simple paragraphs in Chinese. (HSK 2 grade)

Pre-intermediate: Further expand vocabulary, practice communication skills in different situations, read in Chinese, understand materials of a moderate length, accumulate daily language and knowledge of the culture, and make simple narration and description in both written and spoken Chinese. (HSK 3 grade)

Intermediate and Advanced I: Through the learning of classical Chinese literature, enhance the ability of using special structures and phrases, practice paragraph-length expressions in both written and spoken Chinese, deepen an understanding of the Chinese culture, mentality and language habits, so as to express opinions in Chinese skillfully and fluently.(HSK 4-6 grades)

Advanced II: Through the learning of contemporary literature, smoothly read and write in Chinese, express thoughts with a good variety of expressions, learn some ancient articles and poems, prepare for the study in the native level.