High School Chinese

High School Chinese

I. Courses

Grade 9-12 Chinese courses are divided into two categories. The first category is school course. In our school course there are 10 levels in total. All students come to our school can find a level that fit their current Chinese level. The second category is IB/AP courses. In IB course students can choose IB Mandarin Acquisition, IB Language and Literature and IB Literature. In AP course students can choose AP Chinese Language and Literature.

II.  Department Based Clubs

1. The Chinese School Magazine Club 争鸣社

争鸣社is designed for students who are interested in writing. The department established this club that students will have a chance to publish their own literature work in Chinese in school. Students will also learn how to design and make a magazine of their own.

2. The Chinese Traditional Culture Performing Club 龙吟社

 龙吟社was established by some of our graduated students who are very interested in Chinese traditional dancing and arts. Nowadays 龙吟社 has become a department directed club that leads students to participate in different kinds of performances of traditional Chinese art.

3.Chinese Debate Club 华语辩论社

华语辩论社 is a young club started in recent years. It was welcomed by all students from Grades 9-12. We organize debate competitions among new Grade 9 students every year to help the club recruit new members who are interested in debating.