High School Chinese

High School Chinese

Native Chinese

There are three types of Chinese courses. The Chinese Language curriculum is for native Chinese students in Grade 9-12. IB CHINESE A1 is a literature course in the International Baccalaureate program, covering two academic years, Grade 11 and 12. Thirdly, we offer a Chinese course for the foreign students who will enter Chinese universities.

I. Subject Characteristics

The Chinese Language Course sets two levels according to students’ ability, H (Honored) and S (Standard). In 9thGrade, the S level course chooses textbooks from the Hong Kong Renren Publisher, which lays stress on the foundation of their language ability, and cultivates good learning habits. The H level course uses the combination of both Hong Kong published and Shanghai textbooks to strengthen students’ foundations and enhance their literature comprehension. 10thGrade to 12thGrade, we select writers to teach according to the IBA Reading list.

The IBA course involves reading, analyzing and criticizing Chinese literature. Students will participate in all the exams defined by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), and are given comprehensive scores according to their performance. The IB Chinese A1 in Grade 10, as a preparatory class, will focus on stimulating students’ passions and interest in literature, and briefly introduces the development of Chinese and foreign literature; the IB Chinese A1 Grade 11 will focus on training students in literary comprehension and a variety of styles and genres to express different ideas; and the IB Chinese Grade 12 will aim to improve students' abilities to present personal criticism of literary works, with emphasis on writing logically, coherently and persuasively.

The Chinese course for foreign students focuses on fundamental knowledge of the Chinese language. The course aims to cultivate good reading habits, enhance understanding of the ancient Chinese language, and grasp basic writing and literary analysis techniques.

II. Pedagogical Goals

1. The Chinese Language Course

(1) Grasp basic knowledge of Chinese grammar, vocabulary.

(2) Understand the characteristics of different genres and common rhetorical devices.

(3) Cultivate students' enthusiasm to read and think.

(4) Enhance students' willingness to express and write in Chinese.

(5) Improve students' writing ability.

2. IBA Chinese Course

(1) Make independent literary criticism by expressing personal observations.

(2) Understand the effects of different literary structures, techniques, and styles on readers.

(3) Present one's thoughts in precise, straightforward, and fluent written or spoken Chinese.

(4) Master the particular terminologies in literary studies; choose the correct genre or style to communicate in writing or speaking.

(5) Present one's opinions and supporting evidence, either written or spoken, in a logical, coherent and persuasive way.

3. Chinese course for foreign students

(1) Grasp basic knowledge of Chinese language and literature.

(2) Improve students' reading ability; enhance their summarizing, analyzing, and evaluating abilities.

(3) Understand the basic writing skills for different genres.

(4) Grasp oral communication skills.