Computer Science

Computer Science

Teaching Objectives

The overall objective of computer science involves the enrichment of information literacy, the cultivation of information awareness and computational thinking,, the proper usage of information technology to solve real-world problems, as well as the ability to explore information technology area with independent and collaborative competence.

In grade 1-5, we provide students courses to learn basic components of the computer structure, and information system, and are able to solve the simple issues with the graphical programming sofware.

In grade 6-8, we offer various selective courses, including Python programming language, Arduino open-source hardware platform, APP Inventor programming, Swift Programming, 3D printing, etc.

Throughout these extensive courses, students can learn to solve the information technology issues in their daily life, acquire the ability to process data, and train the communication skills(e.g. PBL course).

In grade 9-10, we not only provide the computer architecure, network concepts and other professional knowledge in information technology areas, but also offer data structure, and algorithm as part of the teaching in computer science areas.

These courses develop a solid foundation for students to further study other computer science subjects in the future. Besides, we offer other school courses, such as the interative media, information support and services, etc.

In grade 11-12, we offer IBCS, APCS international curriculum and other school courses.

The advanced teaching methodology

All the courses are equipped with comprehensive class work practices with appropriate breadth and depth, and step by step procedure.

During the classroom learning process, the hands-on skills are highly promoted throughout the studies. For senior students, the actively participation of seminar discussion, asking individual questions, expression of their own ideas, is highly encouraged in the class. We also promote the students to share and find the convenience and beauty brought by computer science in their daily life.