Physical Education

Physical Education

Course Objectives:

Encourage students to take an active part in sports, enhance their body growth and physical efficiency.

Have fun with sporting activities, develop an interest in sports and athletics, develop personal character, and learn to control their feelings.

To have the students gain knowledge and appreciation for sports and Chinese culture.

Have them follow the rules of each sport and also instill the principles of sportsmanship, teamwork and competition.

Sports Skills:We will let students learn the basic skills of physical training based on body health. Every student has different needs. This is why we allow the students to choose different sports that best suit them.

To help us achieve this goal, SHSID offers a wide range of sports to its students, so that there is a sport for everyone to enjoy. We believe that students need to show a genuine interest in sport and healthy living, so that they can continue to enjoy and participate in sports.