Art Center Gallery

Art Center Gallery

The Art Center Gallery, aligned with the spirit of "originality, research and education," is a non-profit art organization dedicated to art education and research, art collection and exhibition.

Located on the second floor of the Art Center of Shanghai High School International Division, the gallery boasts a 100-meter exhibition line, which serves as one of the major platforms to display artwork from local schools. Aside from the regular art work exhibitions by SHSID students and teachers, the gallery also features students' work from the SHSID IB program, artwork from Shanghai Primary and Middle School Art Education, and collections of contemporary Chinese and foreign artists.

The Art Center Gallery is planning to open up a special exhibition area displaying all of our students’ excellent works over the years, which manifests SHSID's unique academic values and educational characteristics. Every year, the Art Center Gallery publishes beautiful albums from these exhibitions, and also provides professional support for art education in local Shanghai schools. Besides exhibitions, the ART CENTER Gallery also holds various seminars and activities. The gallery will open contemporary art forums and art dialogues in the near future, featuring lectures or interviews by art experts, professors or other celebrities. Their insightful observations will surely add to the gallery's educational assets.

To encourage students' originality, the gallery will invite some famous Chinese artists every year to comment on the exhibited works. The top students will be awarded scholarships. With all these quality art activities, the gallery is determined to build a broad stage to present new artists and exchange art education results, as well as make breakthroughs in the cultivation of art literacy and academic progress.

Students' Works


Kathie Zhang

Yang Yunfan

An Shuijin

Liu Jun


Yao Tintin

Teachers' Works

Fu Gang

Luo Lingjun

Tan Jiazheng


Anthony Kelly


Ping Yufang

Lu Shengsheng

Chen Jian

Chen Xiaolei