The Application Process and Regulations of Holding Exhibitions

The Application Process and Regulations of Holding Exhibitions

The Brief Introduction of Shanghai High School Art Gallery

The Shanghai High School Art Gallery is located on the second floor of Shanghai High School art center. This school lies on 989 Baise Road, in Xuhui District. The exhibition line of this art gallery is approximately 100 meters long and its aim is to disseminate the culture of art, launch communication activities of art and hold art exhibitions. This art gallery is open to the public throughout the year. A variety of art exhibitions are held from the beginning of September to the end of June, which provides visitors with art venue developing in multiple level and well-rounded ways. Visitors who come to the gallery can appreciate various art works, which include easel painting, printmaking, sculpture and pottery. For the purpose of improving SHSID’s art education and enrichment of its teachers and students’ cultural and artistic lives, teachers and students in the Shanghai High School are welcomed to hold solo exhibitions or joint exhibitions within the gallery. Meanwhile, other schools and the people in all walks of life are also welcomed to display their works in the Shanghai High School Art Gallery.


The Application Process and Regulations of Holding Exhibitions

1. Art Gallery resources
Our art gallery offers applicants a maximum one-month exhibition time for free. However, the applicants cover the fees of planning and arranging exhibitions, posters and matters related to exhibitions on their own.



2. Process and regulations

Applicants must submit the application materials of exhibitions six months in advance. It is optional for the applicants to choose solo or joint exhibitions (the maximum number of people who may hold a joint exhibition is three).
Applicants’ artistic works should be original and achieve relatively high artistic standard. The school needs to examine whether the works contains inappropriate contents and are proper to display in the school.
It is applicants’ responsibility to mount, move, install and decorate their works on their own.
Applicants must make arrangements for their opening activities at least ten working days in advance if an opening ceremony is included in their exhibition plans. They also need to submit the plans for any activity arrangements which must be examined by the school. Other specific details can be negotiated between the school and applicants.
During the exhibition, the Shanghai High School Art Gallery should be informed of unexpected and emergent changes by the artists holding exhibitions so that both parties can negotiate with each other to reach an agreement. Otherwise the school has the right to require a termination of exhibitions.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-16:00. The art gallery does not open to all on weekends as well as during summer and winter holidays.
Please feel free to contact Art Gallery for further details.
The applicants need to take back their works within one week after finishing their exhibitions.

(2)、The application materials
Applicant’s résumé
The application form and an applicant must fill out the form completely.
Pictures of works to be exhibited (including the size of the works, the year and creation medium)
One essay about artists’ inspiration or explanation of artists’ creations
Please send emails to, along with all materials required to be examined by the Shanghai High School Art Gallery.
Applicants can contact Mr Bao and Ms. Liu for further details.
Contact number: 64553957

Shanghai High School Art Gallery reserves the right to interpret the above regulation.

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