Curriculum Program Overview

Since its establishment, SHSID has strived:

To provide the foundations for life-long development

To encourage personal growth

To promote international awareness by providing a multi-cultural experience

To develop an understanding of social skills and methodologies in the information age

To improve students’ multi-lingual skills

To emphasize the study of math, science and technology

In support of the SHSID mission, our American-based curriculum offers approximately 800 compulsory and optional courses for students in Grades 1 through 12. To meet the academic requirements of our unique students, courses are available in a range of levels, from standard to honors and honors plus. Furthermore, as we are focused on “teaching for the future”, we consistently develop new courses and extracurricular activities, laying a solid foundation for our students' lifelong development.

To implement the key values and objectives of SHSID’s Primary and Middle School curricula, namely, to cultivate independent learners and responsible global citizens, a curricular system with branches of “academic development” and “character and moral development” has been established. The curriculum for academic development has 3 sub-areas: core academic courses, interest and literacy development courses, and creative and innovative Courses. Compared with the independent leaner curriculum, the responsible global citizen curriculum takes on more diverse forms, offering specialized courses, programs, and themed activities in the realms of self-development, social awareness, and global awareness.

SHSID high school offers a more challenging academic curriculum with a wealth of opportunities for advanced learning, including the IB Diploma Program, AP courses, and A-level courses. We ensure an individualized learning experience by providing all students with a personal timetable and highly selective courses. Furthermore, the meticulously designed educational activity curriculum provides programs and events such as Global Citizen Day, Academy courses, the Senior Project, camping, and assemblies. With the addition of clubs, competitions, and talent shows, we believe that our students will grow in 4 dimensions: Virtues & Values, Knowledge & Skills, Practice & Innovation, and Arts & Health. The high school educational activity curriculum and academic curriculum work in unison to contribute to the personal and life-long development of every student.